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I've never had any good experiences dealing with Jeff.  Caveat Emptor is all too applicable here.

--- JST

 Gang, FYI. Paul

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Dear Local ARC,

G and G Electronics of Maryland is having a "yard sale" thiscoming  
Sunday, October 11th at out store location in Gaithersburg, MD.

Over the past 30 years of being in business, you all have seen our 
displays at the various Washington area hamfests, but there is astore  
(warehouse) too.   We are downsizing the business and plan tomove out  
of the warehouse, so the idea is to reduce the inventory ASAP.

We will have all the goodies available that we can't physically 
transport to hamfest , such as 1,000's of tubes, transformers, air-variable caps, crystals etc.  We'll also have our normal hamfeststuff  
there in case you want some of these items as well.

Please announce this special sale on your club's email distribution 
list, your newsletter, at you club meeting, or possibly on your 

Thanks and 73,

Jeff Goldman, K3DUA
G and G Electronics of Maryland
8524 Dakota Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

PHONE  301-258-7373
FAX 301-977-5378
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