Low Frequency Transmitter, New in Crate

fgentges at mindspring.com fgentges at mindspring.com
Mon Oct 12 14:43:43 CDT 2009


Check out the brand new 500 watt LF transmitter on eBay.  See


One item missing is the motor generator set that generates the high 
voltage with 220 volts DC input.  Its kinda like a dynamoter but bigger.

Here is your chance to get on LF without all the fuss and muss of 
building up a transmitter from scratch.  Just build a replacement power 
supply for the motor generator.  I bought an HF version of this in the 
'50s and put it on the air. It was brand new in the crate also.  A fun 
project for sure!

And how about that great looking power amplifier tube visible through 
the door on the front?  That is a radio that glows in the dark.

I will warn our European members that freight may be higher on the other 
side of the Atlantic.  Joe or Doug live close enough they could save the 
freight and pick it up.

Frank K0BRA

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