FPGA Verilog Workshop

fgentges at mindspring.com fgentges at mindspring.com
Wed Oct 14 14:30:57 CDT 2009

We had been expecting to have the video from last weeks initial session. 
  However, it is 3 PM and I do not see it yet.  Anyone interested should 
come on over and we will install and check out their WEBPack.  I have 
both the Windows version and the Linux version.

We also need to install the Virtual Machine and FOSS tools if we have 
the time.

I also have copies of Ubuntu 9.04 so we can install it on a desktop or 
notebook anyone brings.  Lots to do tonight.

Rob is going down to DC with our wireless mics and a mixer with high 
hopes of getting all that set up with the video so we can have some 
really good sound to go along with the video.

I will be here from 7 PM on.  We should think of starting around 7:30.

Frank K0BRA

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