FPGA Verilog Workshop 14 Oct

Frank Gentges metavox at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 15 16:37:48 CDT 2009

We met at the lab last night.  We did not have the video of the previous 
weeks lecture from HacDC but did find a snippet on YouTube.  We did have 
the slides as well as the slides given last night downtown.

Rather than attempting to give a lecture we discussed each slide in a 
"blind leading the blind" type session.  It took until 10:30 to cover it 
all but I think we did get the meat out and talked over.

Meantime, Rob went downtown and provided them with wireless microphones 
so future videos would have better audio.  He brought back the video 
from the first session as well as last nights session.  We will try to 
keep the videos coming in the future as Rob is planning to go downtown 
each night and then hand carry the video for the next weeks night here.

We have room for more people so anyone interested is invited to come 
out.  You do not have to have built the receiver.

Also, we are looking to having another building session so if you have 
not built a receiver, let me know and we will start a building list of 

If you have missed the first sessions we will be burning the videos to 
DVDs for anyone needing it.  I will be burning DVDs for Terry at the 
very least.

Frank K0BRA

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