AMRAD Monthly Meetings

Andre Kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Sun Oct 18 16:05:25 CDT 2009

Dear Tacoistas and Assorted AMRAD Technical Addicts:

We encountering some problems in scheduling our monthly technical 
meetings, and would like to gather your opinion(s).

*_Here is the situation, in a nutshell: _ * for years now, we have been 
holding our monthly technical meetings on the second Thursday of the 
month at 7:30 p.m.
For many years we did so at the Vienna Public Library, then we moved to 
the McLean Library. Unfortunately, that library meeting room will be 
close indefinitely while they renovate the building.
Temporarily, Georges Lemaster, our VP,  was able to find a room at the 
Oakton Library, where we will be meeting next month.

    The Oakton Library is at the corner of
    Lynnhaven Place & Hunter Mill Rd.
    1 short block from Rt. 123.
_    From Route 66 East Or West:_
    * Take Exit 60, Rt. 123, going north toward Oakton and Vienna.
    * Turn left onto Hunter Mill Road.
    * Turn left onto Lynnhaven Place.
_    From Reston And Dulles:_
    * Take the Reston Parkway (Rt. 602) South.
    * To the Dulles Toll Road (Rt. 267) East toward DC.
    * Take Exit 14 onto Hunter Mill Road, turn right to go South.
    * After approx. 0.3 miles, turn left to continue South on Hunter 
Mill Rd.
    * After approx. 4.4 miles, turn right onto Lynnhaven Place.
      (8.35 miles from Reston Regional Library).
_    From Vienna:_
    * Take Rt. 123 South.
    * Turn right onto Hunter Mill Road.
    * Turn left onto Lynnhaven Place.
      (2.64 miles from Patrick Henry Community Library)
_    From Fairfax City:_
    * Take Rt. 123 North.
    * Turn left onto Hunter Mill Road.
    * Turn left onto Lynnhaven Place.
      (2.64 miles from Fairfax City Regional Library)

*_The problem_* is that most libraries nowadays close early on 
Thursdays, and thus, someone from AMRAD must be able to reach the 
library before 6 p.m. and secure the key to the meeting room.
Most of us work downtown, or further away, and our ability to reach the 
Oakton Library before 6 p.m. is not evident (That, by the way, was 
already the problem while we met at the McLean Library).

*_A possible solution:_* Most libraries are still open late on 
Wednesdays. How would you like to move the meeting to Wednesday's 
evenings at 7:30 p.. ?  Probably some of you may have church meetings 
and such on Wednesdays, etc.

Please let us know on the reflector, asap, who would be inconvenienced 
by a Wednesday meeting, and who would be agreeable to changing to 

Thank you
Andree Kesteloot N4ICK

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