Crepitation Contest

Philip Miller Tate Philmt59 at
Sun Oct 18 18:50:26 CDT 2009

On 18 Oct 2009, at 22:18, Frank Gentges wrote:

> Phil,
> It was recorded in Canada in "Toronto in late 1940 at “Red”  
> Foster’s Studios on Alcorn Avenue."  You can read this and more in  
> the article with the sound file.  I like the picture.
> I too hear some sort of distorted sound towards the end that seems  
> to describe a common  word for "defecate".  The broadcast has,  
> until this point, maintained a modicum of decorum and that word  
> seems out of place.
> Frank

Thanks Frank. I could have found the year for myself if only I'd  
learnt to read. 1940, eh? I imagined it to be post-war.

That word does seem out of place, but I've played it through several  
times and I can't hear (or imagine) anything else it could be.  
Surprising. As to crepitation music contests - hang on Alex, the  
first six notes of "Hound Dog" are all the same! You wuz robbed!

It's rarely shown even over this side of the pond, but if you ever  
get the chance to see the 1970s British film "Le Petomaine", about  
the French entertainer of that stage name, don't miss it. It is in no  
way offensive even to those of a nervous disposition, but is very funny.

Phil M1GWZ

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