AMRAD HacDC FPGA Design Lectures Week 2

Frank Gentges metavox at
Thu Oct 22 15:09:09 CDT 2009

We had a good session last night here at the lab.  The videos from HacDC 
were played and copies of the slides were handed out.  This worked well 
and we could pause the video to discuss a point here and there and write 
on the slides as needed.

An article in EDN was appropriate to this project and showed how we will 
be looking down the barrel of some simulation vs real world problems. 
This will be especially troublesome as we try to speed the processing 
for signals from the Charleston receiver.  It is a good article to read 
for all of us.  See

Just a reminder that the HacDC web page is at

and the videos are at

Plan to come out next week as we play the next installment.

Frank K0BRA

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