Nigerian Scammer Web Sites Shut Down

Joseph Bento joseph at
Thu Oct 22 17:48:58 CDT 2009

On Oct 22, 2009, at 3:26 PM, fgentges at wrote:

> tacoistas,
> Good news indeed. Nigeria's anti corruption police have shut down  
> some 800 web sites. Without those sites sending phony emails, I can  
> now try to work a deal to recover a fortune from a real heiress.

I'm still waiting for the countless millions I'm owed from winning the  
UK lottery and various European sweepstakes.  I sent them my bank  
account info as requested.  I sure could use the money, because I'm  
trying to figure where I spent all those thousands of dollars in  
unaccounted cheques.  :-)

Joe, N6DGY

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