AMRAD HacDC FPGA Design Lectures Week 2

Frank Gentges metavox at
Sat Oct 24 19:11:34 CDT 2009


William Gibb wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> I'm glad that you were able to play the videos and have a discussion
> about it.  How did that work out for you?  I haven't had the
> opportunity to watch them.

The videos are usable but the audio is kinda rough to listen to.  Also, 
the white board tends to be washed out by the projector light. 
Sometimes it is better than others.

We have a big advantage here as we can pause the video while we talk 
amongst ourselves.  The end result is that we are getting useful 
understanding of all you are saying and should have a good grounding as 
the lectures proceed.

We have not yet set up our VMs so that is about to come to the point we 
will have to do something for that.

EDN seems to be putting out some good stuff on the FPGA world to help 
people to understand and deal with them.  They have created FPGA Gurus at

You, or anyone else for that matter, should be able to sign up for 
emails etc. on the series.  Over here we are feeling like novices and 
are just picking off the low hanging fruit that we sort of understand.

> Thank you for the EDN article.  It shows some real options.  I'll have
> to pass it along to my group.  It does highlight some tool concerns -
> pretty complex stuff, but welcome to some pretty neat stuff too (when
> it all works).  The first example though was poorly coded, the
> designer should have fully defined his statement when he used
> full_case _parallel_case....

I will go over to get on the list and let the others know.  We have an 
email list of "tacos" and if you include it on a message line as on this 
one a copy will go out to all our members, which is good.

We will have to figure out where the missing half of last weeks video 
is.  I suspect somewhere on Rob's hard drive.

I picked up a NTSC video to MPEG 2 and 4 conversion dongle. (Diamond 
VC800) That should help us to get out some of our work in MPEG4 format. 
  I am not sure where we are heading with that just yet.


> There is a mailing list, fpga at that you can subscribe too.
> Send an email to fpga-request at with the subject line
> "subscribe".  I'd highly encouraged the einterested parties in your
> group to subscribe.
> Will

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