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Michael Chisena ka2zev at
Mon Oct 26 15:08:12 CDT 2009

Hi all,

Been working with Bob B to make an APRS Voice Alert radio from an inexpensive two way set.

The Kenwoods that can do this run about $1200 each.

If this project works, people can make one of these for about $200 bucks or less.

Right now I'm working on a 'red lined' drawing to get the kinks out and if I build a second unit, there will be photography.

At this time,I have something that seems to meet all the requirements.

It's one of my inexpensive 40 watt, under dash Midland units with a bunch of 'mods' in it.

It supports the data channel of 144.39 and a number of Northern Virginia area repeaters and simplex channels. 
I suppose I can stick in some NWS as well.

If you look up Bob WB4APR's web site you can learn more about the Voice Alert system.

It transmits APRS packets with a 100Hz tone.

The data packet with tone acts like an alert signal to someone with a similar radio.

The call sign and a short message will pop up on the Kenwood's text display saying that a Voice Alert station is near by.

This radio has no display section, but the audio chain and the PL decoder are stock.

The radio receives with a 100Hz pl as well, so if someone transmits a short voice message, you get to hear it, acknowledge and move on to a handy frequency like 146.52 .

As it stands now, the radio has the APRS channel in it.
A modified TT3+ controller.
A fair amount of custom wire work.

When the radio is not on the APRS channel, the data transmission is inhibited.

This is what I expect. 

I expect it to be an APRS tracker first.
A voice alert station second.
General talk around third.

At the moment it has a few local channels in it, I can add more, for a total of about 30 channels.

What I would like is someone who drives a lot in the area to take it for a couple of weeks and see if it works as advertised. 

My path to and from work most likely won't cut it.

What it will need.

A 2M Antenna.
A GPS puck (5 volt only) 

I can program your call sign into the TT3+ and add some of your favorite 2m channels into the program.

Catch me off line at



703 863 4574 after 1630 and before 2100 eastern time.

Thanks in advance.

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