Need help testing a project

Robert Bruninga bruninga at
Mon Oct 26 18:02:17 CDT 2009

> Been working with Bob B to make an APRS 
> Voice Alert radio from an inexpensive 
> two way set.
> The Kenwoods that can do this run about $1200 each.

Correction, about $550 or so plus your favorite GPS...

> What I would like is someone who drives a lot 
> in the area to take it for a couple of weeks 
> and see if it works as advertised. 

Great!  Nice to see some more 2-way APRS mobiles that one can
actually talk to!  Oh, and by the way, Voice Alert was
originally used DIRECT when within simplex range, but in
Northern Virginia, we have installed a crossband Voice Alert
repeater on a Fredrick MD mountain which lets you call ALL APRS
mobiles over the entire metro area by transmitting on UHF
445.925 with Tone 100 and announce your voice repeater
monitoring frequency.  

The crossband repeater will send out your VOICE Alert call on
144.39 with PL 100 so that all APRS mobiles within 50 miles will
hear it.


Bob, Wb4APR

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