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Mon Oct 26 17:40:34 CDT 2009

Alex Fraser wrote:
> Every thing you know about this please.
A very nice and inexpensive little board.

I used one for a project where the Arduino board, with some additional 
hardware, keeps under control
four telephone lines, sending continuously to the PC, via the USB port, 
their status, so that the PC
could start an audio recording of one (or more) line, when a telephone 
call arrives or is placed by
that phone.

Programming the Arduino part of the application was very easy and 
straightforward, and it took no
more than one hour, testing included.

Surely worth considering for small projects where an Atmel AVR 
microprocessor can be used.
And you can program it either in the language that comes with the board 
(a mixture of Java and C),
or, using the tools provided by Atmel, in straight C or assembler, 
whichever you prefer.

73  Alberto  I2PHD

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