Arduino -- burning the bootloader

David Billsbrough davidb at
Tue Oct 27 15:09:59 CDT 2009

Quoting "Robert E. Seastrom" <rs at>:

> David Billsbrough <davidb at> writes:

>> Hello,

>> I have build both a DC and USB Arduino from Adafruit.  The DC version
>> is working with the ATmega328P included in the kit.  Now I trying to
>> burn 'bootloader' code
>> in to a blank '328 using an Atmel AVRISP MkII programmer with the
>> latest version of AVRstudio.

>> Anyone heavily into programming these?

> I've programmed plenty of them and even hacked on the bootloader code.

> I soldered together one of LadyAda's USBtinyISP kits and it works
> fine.  That's what I've been doing most of my programming with.

> Not that familiar with the Atmel device.  What kind of problems are   
> you having?

> -r

I'm getting (I guess) a verify error ... it does look like the data is making
it from the programmer to the target.  The host looks to be talking to the
Atmel AVRISP mkII though.  Next step is the get the programmer to send  
to another device that has an ISP interface.


David -- KC4ZVW

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