Arduino -- burning the bootloader

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Tue Oct 27 15:48:19 CDT 2009

David Billsbrough <davidb at> writes:

> Quoting "Robert E. Seastrom" <rs at>:
>> I've programmed plenty of them and even hacked on the bootloader code.
>> I soldered together one of LadyAda's USBtinyISP kits and it works
>> fine.  That's what I've been doing most of my programming with.
>> Not that familiar with the Atmel device.  What kind of problems are
>> you having?
> Robert,
> The last message was to read ... It does NOT look like the AVRISP is actually
> changing the contents of the '328P device.  Without buying 'double' of
> everything I need an easy way to debug this project.  I have a
> SparkFun Arduino
> Pro but don't remember if this has the ISP header populated.  Do have a
> ButterFly in the junk box that might be something to test the programmer.

I have plenty of spare Arduinos and ATMega168 chips.  No extra ATMega328s.

Nobody I know uses AVRstudio's writer; everyone uses AVRdude either
directly or indirectly (it comes with both the Arduino IDE and
CrossPack (nee AVR MacPack).

Have you tried starting the IDE, wiring up the ISP and then doing
Tools -> Burn Bootloader -> w/ AVRisp MkII ?  Works for me...  don't
forget to power up the Arduino via external power not USB before proceeding.


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