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andre kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Fri Oct 30 08:54:10 CDT 2009

Brian Hawes wrote:
> The greatest threat to electrical equipment is not from ionising radiation but
> from an intense electromagnetic energy pulse produced by a high-altitude nuclear
> detonation. The induced emf can destroy equipment over a whole continent. A
> nation needs only one bomb and one ICBM to criple an oponent. 
> The risetime is a few nano-seconds and it's difficult to see what a built in
> device could do to help especially as equipment doesn't have to be switched on
> for induced voltages to take effect. Military hardened equipment goes into steel
> enclosures which look like big safes.
The only problem is that most military equipment needs an antenna of 
some sort, and that allows the EMP short rise-time pulse to penetrate 
the metal enclosure
André N4ICK

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