RFI from LED "lightbulbs?"

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Sat Nov 14 21:22:31 CST 2009

I went to St John in VI for a medical meeting last January.  Happened to be the 160 Phone contest.  Took along a QS1R to listen in from down there.  Strung out about 100 ft of fine wire in the Resort trees about noon and was pleased with what I could hear.  Came back after dark and noise was S9+.  Every balcony had two CFLs and I could barely hear the local AM station.  Betting that with the LEDs switching on and off that they would not pass the Eu rules on stuff going back into the line.


---- Robert Stratton <bob at stratton.net> wrote: 
> Folks,
> I'm figuring someone here has probably tried out some of these LED  
> lightbulb replacements. For all of the reasons discussed previously,  
> I'm not a particularly big fan of CFLs, and have enough trouble with  
> RFI from everything else in and near my house without adding more.
> Do any of you have a sense of how noisy the drive circuitry for these  
> LED lightbulbs are? I'm assuming that the more featureful they are,  
> the more logic they include, but I haven't seen much commentary yet  
> about EMI/RFI, in contrast to the CFL horror stories.
> Thanks,
> --Bob
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