Status of Manassas BPL

Joseph Bento joseph at
Thu Nov 19 16:19:43 CST 2009

Philip Miller Tate wrote:
> The town of Swindon in the UK has just announced its intention to set 
> up a municipal Wi-Fi service for the whole community, probably using 
> repeaters on streetlights. No BPL for us!
> Phil M1GWZ
There are so many unsecured access points that still have their default 
'linksys' name online, free Internet is available nearly everywhere! :-)

Now if this were in ultra-conservative Utah, people would be up in arms 
if a city announced this!  They would say, "That's socialist!  I don't 
want my tax dollars paying for someone else's Internet!"

Should the new health care bill ultimately pass, Utah is already looking 
a way to opt out, and to sue the federal government for constitutional 

Interesting place I live!  There are some that even thought of the 
meteor:  "And this shall be a sign unto you..." :-)

Joe, N6DGY

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