Another possible UI for Charleston

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Mon Nov 30 21:26:36 CST 2009

Wouldn't surprise me if the hardware was capable of it in some
capacity (a lot of that stuff ends up being fairly programmable
anyway) - but the question of whether you can get to it via the APIs
that Apple has provided.  Believe the answer is no.  Even the new
peripheral stuff that's come out in 3.x, it's "you get a uart" level.

jason at writes:

> The usb on the nokia n810 can be slave and master; requires a bit of cabling-foo to press the nokia into master service though... And forget about bus powered devices.
> Perhaps ipod can do double duty too?  Many devices can since USB On-the-go requires it.
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>> I was thinking of its use as a simple DAC and display.  Perhaps it is
>> too low powered for the more sophisticated modes, but many of the
>> other options put forth are a lot more pricey.  An 8 GB iTouch is
>> about $175 discounted, but I don't know if its USB can be pressed into
>> service for this purpose...
> Unless something has changed and escaped my notice, the ipod touch and
> iphone are not capable of acting as a USB master.
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