Finishing Charleston Build with Voltage Regs

Craig casxcski at
Fri Sep 11 21:01:56 CDT 2009

I am really sorry that I missed last evening, but was dealing with a 
dead car.  Given all the other demands for tomorrow (including 
recovering the dead car), I am not sure I will be able to make 
it.  If things work out I will still try to stop by, but it may not 
work out before noon so is there a number I can call to see if anyone 
is at the lab?

As my board is currently working, at least as far as I can tell, I 
plan to spend some time this weekend with the software to see if I 
can get that installed/working using either Winrad or Gnu Radio.  Do 
we have a next meeting date when we might have a programming party to 
get all of them configured and running and start exploring the 
software control aspects?

Thanks and looking forward to continued experimentation,
-Corky, AF4PM

At 13:56 9/11/2009, fgentges at wrote:
>We talked about the Charleston receiver and the attraction of having 
>an FPGA last night at the AMRAD meeting.
>Bill Fenn brought in the voltage regulators and I now have them.  I 
>plan to come out to the lab tomorrow, Saturday at 10 AM and those 
>remaining with boards needing regulators can come out.
>I have done the boards of George Lemaster and John Teller for 
>practice :-)  I have learned how to do it and what not to try.
>We may be able to power up and test while here.
>Hopefully, we can get it done and head over to tacos by leaving here 
>by 12 noon.
>If you cannot make it let me know and we will work out something.
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