IRLP Link at tacos tomorrow

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Fri Dec 4 20:54:47 CST 2009

We plan to link our repeater with a repeater in Jamaca so we can QSO 
with Iain.

To make the link with our repeater work well, Sandy will bring his 2 
meter to 440 Mhz radio that can crosslink the two bands.  With that in 
place we can work Sandy's car from inside tacos on 440 and the car will 
connect us to the repeater.  The repeater will then connect to Jamaica 
via an Internet link at my house.  As a result, we will talk with Iain.

Come watch this all work flawlessly tomorrow at tacos.  Feel free to 
bring your 440 HT and join in the fun.  Alternativly, you can connect to 
the repeater on two meters from places other than tacos.

Frank K0BRA

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