Virtual Tacos in a snow storm

Mike O'Dell mo at
Sat Dec 19 14:59:42 CST 2009

the Washington DC area gets heavy snows every now and again,
but not often enough for people to remember how to cope with it,
nor often enough for the various gubmint entities to have the
equipment resources to deal with it.

a couple of hundred miles from DC, this is "standard operating 
procedure", but here? it's complete paralysis.

yesterday afternoon and evening was "Hour of the Panic Buyer".
people went to the grocery stores and stripped them bare of
milk, bread, hamburger meat, and chicken (at a store i visited
briefly), and made a huge dent in soups, bottled water, and
sandwich meats. oh yes - and toilet paper. there's not a roll
of toilet paper to be had within 50 miles of here. (i'm
exaggerating only barely if at all.)


Brian Hawes wrote:
> You guys got some weather over there?
> I thought it was only England which ground to a halt whenever it snowed
> Brian
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> Surprisingly, the road in front of my house has been plowed at least
> twice.  I even had a paper (quaint, I know) to read!  Still, if the
> horses stand for too long in one place, it starts piling up on them.
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