Virtual Tacos in a snow storm

Tom Azlin N4ZPT n4zpt at
Sat Dec 19 15:07:48 CST 2009

Let's not forget gas cans filled to run generators!

73, Tom n4zpt

Mike O'Dell wrote:
> the Washington DC area gets heavy snows every now and again,
> but not often enough for people to remember how to cope with it,
> nor often enough for the various gubmint entities to have the
> equipment resources to deal with it.
> a couple of hundred miles from DC, this is "standard operating
> procedure", but here? it's complete paralysis.
> yesterday afternoon and evening was "Hour of the Panic Buyer".
> people went to the grocery stores and stripped them bare of
> milk, bread, hamburger meat, and chicken (at a store i visited
> briefly), and made a huge dent in soups, bottled water, and
> sandwich meats. oh yes - and toilet paper. there's not a roll
> of toilet paper to be had within 50 miles of here. (i'm
> exaggerating only barely if at all.)
>     -mo

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