solar cells

Mike O'Dell mo at
Fri Jan 8 16:10:25 CST 2010

panel prices are volatile. one of the big players who had ordered a *lot*
of panels just had a "reversal of circumstances", plus a lot of manufacturing
capacity in China is expected to come online soon. so it's not surprising you
can find bargains.

for a long time, "solar-cell-grade silicon" was the bottleneck. that's been
eased a bit, again with Chinese manufacturing capacity coming online.

if China isn't he largest supplier of polycrystalline panels, they probably
will be pretty soon.

likewise, if they aren't yet the leader in wind turbine production at the 
1-1.5MW / turbine level, they are trying very hard to be.


On Jan 8, 2010, at 3:54 PM, Dave - WB6DHW wrote:

> I just downloaded my copy of Homepower magazine Wednesday and saw this ad.
> <>
> I have not ordered from them so don't know how they are.  But, looks like solar panel prices took a big drop.
> Dave - WB6DHW
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> Alex Fraser wrote:
>> This looks like a cheap way to go solar powered. <>
>> has anyone built their own panels?
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