Richard Barth rbarth at
Fri Jan 15 23:22:38 CST 2010

As was announced, this month's  AMRAD meeting was the first held at 
the Falls Church Community Center.
Nobody had G2ed the pizza situation beforehand, so a gang of three 
(WA4LPR, N4ICK and W3HWN) appointed
itself the official AMRAD Pizza Exploratory Service (APES) and found 
something suitable, just in case
we wind up meeting there again.  (Things are rather uncertain, as you 
know.) It's convenient to the
Community Center and the pizza's actually pretty good.  (Determined 
experimentally, of course.)

Flippin' Pizza is at 103 Broad Street in Falls Church, a few blocks 
from the FCCC.  Out the front door
of the center, take a right and look for a brightly lit street on 
your left.  That's Broad Street.
Head West a few blocks and it's on your right.

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