SDR-14 vs SDR-IQ

Mike O'Dell mo at
Sun Jan 17 14:06:59 CST 2010

I'm trying to reconcile why the SDR-IQ is so much cheaper
than the SDR-14

the high-performance ADI parts in both of them are identical -
the A/D and the digital downconverter

the data delivered across the USB2.0 interface is essentially identical

the -IQ has *more* filters and switching
the -IQ has *more* computes and digital hardware

as a result it's hard to understand how the BOM cost of the -IQ
is really any less than the BOM cost of the -14

yet the selling price of the -IQ is *half* of the -14

true, the -14 looks to have a slightly spiffier case,
and it might have a more stable, less noisy clock part,
but that doesn't justify a $500 delta in the price

what am i missing in this picture??


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If it was easy, we'd be buying it from somebody else!"

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