SDR-14 vs SDR-IQ

Tom Azlin N4ZPT n4zpt at
Sun Jan 17 16:15:22 CST 2010

Hi Terry,

I think they are the same from the A/D back to the computer.  I have
both and they look remarkably the same on the inside.  I got the -14
long before the -IQ was around. Might have just purchased the -IQ

The ability to use external filters on the -14 and down sample 6m and 2m
(and points in between with the right filter is different.) I have used
the -14 to watch 2m.

The -14 may be lower power with a lower performance clock as the -IQ
needs external power.

73, Tom n4zpt

On 1/17/2010 4:57 PM, wb4jfi wrote:
> Mike:
> I don't think they are not nearly as similar as you think.  If I
> remember, the SDR-14 uses a similar A/D (or maybe the same one), but
> then the similarity ends.  The A/D samples are processed differently,
> using different DDC chips if I remember.  The SDR-14 can deliver up to a
> complete 33MHz bandwidth to the computer, if your computer can drink
> that fast.  The SDR-IQ can only deliver 192kHz, if I remember
> correctly.  I have an SDR-IQ, but could not afford an SDR-14.
> Whether the cost difference is accurate, or some premium is being
> charged for the SDR-14 above the hardware differences is up to the
> observer.  I can look at both diagrams and give you more details, as the
> above is from memory only.
> Terry
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