SDR-14 vs SDR-IQ

Tom Azlin N4ZPT n4zpt at
Sun Jan 17 15:36:14 CST 2010

Hi Mike,

I have them both. I see the following differences.

The SDR-IQ does not have an input that bypasses the HF filters. Also
runs on the power from the USB port. so it is HF only. I use it as my
panadapter for my K3 splitting the serial port using LP-Bridge picking
up signals on the IF out. (Sometimes I shift it to the RX out and shift
the tuning to track the receiver instead.)

The SDR-14 does have a input filter bypass switch. I use mine with an
external bandpass filter to look at 6m and 2m using down sampling. It
does require external power. The less noisy clock makes the down
sampling work better I think.

If you download the software I think you can see the differences in
selecting one or the other. Not sure if you have to have the unit to
bring up the management page.

Otherwise the same. And my SDR-IQ came out before the spiffy case was
available. And long after I had the SDR-14.  The SDR-IP looks nice for a
remote receiver.

73, Tom n4zpt

On 1/17/2010 3:06 PM, Mike O'Dell wrote:
> I'm trying to reconcile why the SDR-IQ is so much cheaper
> than the SDR-14
> the high-performance ADI parts in both of them are identical -
> the A/D and the digital downconverter
> the data delivered across the USB2.0 interface is essentially identical
> the -IQ has *more* filters and switching
> the -IQ has *more* computes and digital hardware
> as a result it's hard to understand how the BOM cost of the -IQ
> is really any less than the BOM cost of the -14
> yet the selling price of the -IQ is *half* of the -14
> true, the -14 looks to have a slightly spiffier case,
> and it might have a more stable, less noisy clock part,
> but that doesn't justify a $500 delta in the price
> what am i missing in this picture??
>     -mo

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