BC250GY Transmitter move on Saturday

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Wed Jan 20 16:41:31 CST 2010

Paul Bock, K4MSG and I have looked over the transmitter move and the 
main thing we need is a few additional people to help push and pull here 
and there as we move the transmitter up from the basement to a pickup 
truck for transport to the The New England Historical Radio Society 
(NEHRS), headquartered in Stoneham, MA, just north of Boston.  Paul and 
I think this is a worthy cause for all our efforts.  See


We will have some beer, drinks and pizza to help everybody relax after 
the move.  I am sure we can find all kinds of tales to tell about our 
broadcast and shore station experiences.  It should be a fun time for all.

We plan on meeting at my house at 10 AM and start from there.  Dave 
Putnum, KE4S is bringing his trailer that should make the move through 
the yard pretty easy.  The hard part will be tipping it over onto the 
trailer from the basement and then sliding it from the trailer into the 
pickup truck.  That is where manpower will make it happen along with 
mechanical help from come-alongs.

Please send an email so we can get some idea of how many helpers we will 

My address is:

9251 Wood Glade DR
Great Falls, VA  22066

I will be on my cell phone at 703 973-7074

Frank K0BRA

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