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Frank Gentges metavox at
Thu Jan 21 16:52:20 CST 2010

Somehow, Air America could not find a source of funding for their form 
of programming. They lost one of their rising stars, Al Franken, to the 
US Senate and perhaps this contributed to their decline.

They are filing Chapter 7.  Under Chapter 7 a company closes its doors 
and has no plan to make its creditors whole.  Instead a trustee just 
pays off what he can and everyone walks away.  Lots of info on Wikipedia 
about Chapter 7.  See,_Title_11,_United_States_Code

It is interesting that Rush Limbaugh has another business model and is 
able to attract advertisers even though he charges confiscatory rates. 
Those of us that worked from time to time in the broadcasting business 
can feel the pain of pulling the big switch on any broadcast operation.

Some people thrive and survive while others file for Chapter 7 in the 
broadcasting business.  This would suggest that anyone going into this 
kind of business should think about business plans and how they will pay 
their bills.  Air America seemed to be on a mission to trash 
conservatives and was shallow on facts.


for more painful details at least for now.  The web site may be taken 
down before the cock crows tomorrow.

Frank K0BRA

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