Gas Pedals are Complicated

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> I not long ago exercised a leap of faith and bought a car that is
> brake-by+wire. The safety benefit from it is that if I rapidly take my foot
> off of the accelerator, it pre-positions the brake pads closer to the disc
> to minimize actuation time. I continue to have low-level anxiety about just
> how many if the code paths actually were exercised during regression
> testing.

No, no and no.  Brakes are one of the few things that I refuse to delegate
to computers.  No amount of pre-positioned anything is ever going to
convince me that losing a direct physical linkage between my foot, the brake
pedal and the brakes on the wheel is worth it.  There are just too many
potential failure modes there for me to ever actually be comfortable with

Good luck!

Also, "Hi, everybody!"

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