busted gizmo

andre kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Sat Jan 30 15:26:44 CST 2010

Alex Fraser wrote:
>     I'm wild crazed with joy! On looking closely at the inverter board 
> I noticed a bulging on top of one of the capacitors,  It was  2200 
> 10volt.  I had an old busted motherboard which provided a nice 
> replacement at 2200 16 volts.  I resembled the beast and voila, I have 
> a working $18 HD TV which I'm watching cable through the HDMI 
> connection, 1080i.
for those of us who can still repair things, this is an excellent 
example that we should "never, never give up"(Winston Churchill)
> I did pretty well on the reassembly too as I only had 3 screws left 
> over after I got it back together.
excellent performance :-)


PS: where did you find the busted TV screen in the first place ?

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