Gas Pedals are Complicated

John Teller jsteller at
Sun Jan 31 13:03:28 CST 2010

My Ford Bronco II would accelerate when I keyed up on 2m while it was in 
cruise.  I was also able to operate a neighbor's light sensing flood 
lamps with my IC281 (220MHz) transmitter.  All this so the manufacturers 
could save 5 cents on a ferrite bead and a .001m capacitor.


Robert Stratton wrote:
> I had an Audi 5000 which was the poster child for unintended 
> acceleration recalls. The only time I saw anything like that was with 
> cruise control on, when a friend keyed a 2m HT near my dash and the 
> throttle went wide open. We could even localize a sweet spot where it 
> always worked. The purported fix was an interlock to only allow 
> shifting into gear with the brake depressed which struck me as 
> irrelevant. I can't help but wonder how many of the reported incidents 
> may have occurred in close proximity to strong RFI. (Truckers with 
> linear CB amplifiers perhaps?)

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