Gas Pedals are Complicated

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Henry Ford was highly suspicious of hydraulic braking systems.  Ford was 
one of the last users of the cable-operated system.  Of course, his 
first units were single circuit (read cheaper) systems, which were great 
only when nothing leaked.

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Mark Whittington wrote:
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> wrote:
>     I not long ago exercised a leap of faith and bought a car that is
>     brake-by+wire. The safety benefit from it is that if I rapidly
>     take my foot off of the accelerator, it pre-positions the brake
>     pads closer to the disc to minimize actuation time. I continue to
>     have low-level anxiety about just how many if the code paths
>     actually were exercised during regression testing.
> No, no and no.  Brakes are one of the few things that I refuse to 
> delegate to computers.  No amount of pre-positioned anything is ever 
> going to convince me that losing a direct physical linkage between my 
> foot, the brake pedal and the brakes on the wheel is worth it.  There 
> are just too many potential failure modes there for me to ever 
> actually be comfortable with that.
> Good luck!
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