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Mon Feb 1 12:50:49 CST 2010

It requires some digging, but a few of the automakers have become  
better about publishing their advice for safe use of RF transmitters  
in their cars. They don't want to say too much, probably to avoid any  
new liability, but enough police departments and cab companies install  
transceivers, that I suppose some have to. I've seen documents from  
Mercedes-Benz and Ford. Some even tell you how to route wires.


On Jan 31, 2010, at 2:03 PM, John Teller wrote:

> My Ford Bronco II would accelerate when I keyed up on 2m while it  
> was in cruise.  I was also able to operate a neighbor's light  
> sensing flood lamps with my IC281 (220MHz) transmitter.  All this so  
> the manufacturers could save 5 cents on a ferrite bead and a .001m  
> capacitor.
> --JST
> Robert Stratton wrote:
>> I had an Audi 5000 which was the poster child for unintended  
>> acceleration recalls. The only time I saw anything like that was  
>> with cruise control on, when a friend keyed a 2m HT near my dash  
>> and the throttle went wide open. We could even localize a sweet  
>> spot where it always worked. The purported fix was an interlock to  
>> only allow shifting into gear with the brake depressed which struck  
>> me as irrelevant. I can't help but wonder how many of the reported  
>> incidents may have occurred in close proximity to strong RFI.  
>> (Truckers with linear CB amplifiers perhaps?)
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