Maker: a cigar-box guitar

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Brian and gang,

I've decided to circumvent TSA this year by driving to Dayton. 1,687 miles
from Pleasant Grove, UT to Tipp City, OH.

My plans are not finalized yet, but the more I hear of airport security and
such, I'd rather just not deal with it. Flying today is just a faster way
to get somewhere, and by no means a pleasant method.

Brian and Phil, you can drive too!  Google Maps used to include a kyak
option when walking or driving between the UK and United States.

Phil, count your blessings that TSA in Dayton is at least used to seeing
unusual items.  Could you imagine the difficulty elsewhere?  Oh, you flew
out of Washington last year, didn't you?  Oh dear...

Joe, N6DGY

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Oh good grief! Another strange item to keep the TSA guys amused for an hour
or two.
What did I do to deserve this?


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All AMRAD members to make them, and take them to Skip's annual cookout at
Hamvention in May!
Phil M1GWZ

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