K0BRA Trqnsmitter Goes to New Home

Robert E. Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Sun Feb 14 07:30:51 CST 2010

Frank Gentges <fgentges at mindspring.com> writes:

> http://www.k4lrg.org/Projects/NEHRS/index.htm

via this page:

   Within the past year a new Coast Station license was issued to the
   fledgling New England Historical Radio Society, NEHRS, to operate on
   frequencies of 500 and 472 kHz at power levels up to 5 kw under the
   callsign WNE.  (NOTE: Although the last two letters of the call look
   like a "vanity" assignment, no special callsign was requested in
   the application to the FCC and the one issued was simply "luck of
   the draw."

Coastal maritime radiotelegraph stations have of course traditionally
had three letter callsigns, and I'm betting that new licenses in that
service are issued infrequently enough (heh) that the application was
escalated to someone with enough of a sense of history to use
1920s-era callsign issuance procedures ("make it mnemonic in some way
if you can"), hence the callsign issued.  That's my theory anyway.  :)


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