Field Day 2010

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Thu Feb 25 18:41:49 CST 2010


As in past years, we are going to set up the VHF/UHF station with the 
folks over at the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group (LARG) for field day.

This year, we and LARG will set up for field day at the same place as 
last year which is West of Leesburg on the farm of John Westerman, 
WB5ODJ. It is a very nice site and you can see their web page showing 
last year at

with details of the site at

We want to put up beams for 6, 2 and 440 and are looking for a support 
that can hold the antennas up at 40 feet or so.  We have the use of an 
IC910 plus the recent donation of a non-working IC820H that we hope to 
have up and running before long.

We have a nice 4 element 6 meter beam that needs some work on the 
matching section for the driven element.  If anyone would like to help 
us get this beam back in service it would be a good project.

We could use another deep cycle marine battery to go with the one I 
already have here in the lab.

So start thinking and getting the juices going.  We are looking at 
volunteers to take operating shifts and to lend a hand to all the work 
it will take to get it up and running.

Frank K0BRA

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