Computer clocks and Relativity

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Sun Feb 28 09:33:02 CST 2010

andre kesteloot <andre.kesteloot at> writes:

> A msg that I send him at 1600H is marked, when he receives it, as
> being dated earlier in time, i.e., at 15:34H, about 1/2 hour earlier
> than real time
> If he writes to me at 16:00H, it will be marked on my computer as
> having been sent at 16:37H, or about 1/2 later than real time

Is it possible that this guy just lives in his own time zone?  If you
schedule lunch with him, does he show up early and wonder why you are

Alternatively, is it possible that you live in your own time zone?
What's your control group?  Heisenberg said that you can't know where
you left your watch and the correct time simultaneously, or something
like that.

> Is this a   --so far unexplained--  effect of special relativity ?

I think it may have something to do with the short bus and "special-ed


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