Waver for Robotics to use the ham bands

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Sun Feb 28 10:04:22 CST 2010


I fully concur. This feeling of "win some - lose some" means you will lose
every time.

     After having dealt with the "Mike and Kevin show" at the FCC
commissioner level AKA "Dumb and Dumber" we (ARRL) should have understood
the value of radio spectrum and formed a real PAC to protect Ham Radio
interests. The FCC is mostly lawyer-centric anymore.

    The NRA realized this 25 years ago, having played "on the level" in the
present political landscape will 'eat you alive'.  I'll bet if Barry K7UGA
Goldwater were still around, the FCC would have thought much longer and
harder about this decision. The ARRL was receiving a lot of benefit from
K7UGA's prominence in the senate. Had the NRA not gone this route, we would
be having to license ownership of slingshots by now.



Feb 28, 2010 at 9:38 AM, Mike O'Dell <mo at ccr.org> wrote:

> The FCC made its decision on BPL despite ARRL's efforts, too.
> The League needs to be willing to exploit the legal system
> to its maximum advantage just like every other group
> trying to protect their position.
> I was heartened by the League's willingness to go after the BPL
> issue and this is just one more.
> For eons now, the League has tried very hard to be friends
> with the FCC and did surprisingly well for a long time.
> while I'm not suggesting trying to piss them off gratuitously,
> the League needs to be more assertive about commanding respect
> and abandoning submissive dependency. the other guys that
> operate in front of the FCC are quite willing to deal off
> the bottom of the deck, and the League needs to be willing
> "put their gun on the table" when people need reminding.
> i realize this is terribly hard for geeks to do, many of
> the conflict averse in spite of what you hear on 75 meters,
> but if we don't start playing by the rules of the day,
> we won't be playing much longer. and at that point, it
> will be our fault, not the nasty other bad guys.
>     -mo
> On 2/28/10 6:04 AM, Paul L Rinaldo wrote:
>> André, et al,
>> The FCC has made its decision despite ARRL's efforts over the past
>> couple of years to keep this out of the ham band. I don't see any chance
>> of overturning it.
>> Paul
>> At 04:19 PM 2/27/2010, andre kesteloot wrote:
>>> Paul,
>>> Should we (AMRAD) or you (forcefully) bring this item to the attention
>>> of the FCC ?
>>> André
>>> Patrick Gray wrote:
>>>> Tom,
>>>> No doubt this happened under the previous republican president we
>>>> only have to look at BPL to see that. But to declare the Amateur
>>>> (meaning non-profit/unpaid) service as a non-emergency service what
>>>> with happened in Haiti a month ago (generations of history) and what
>>>> is transpiring in the East Pacific region as we speak - unprecedented!
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