Computer clocks and Relativity

Philip Miller Tate Philmt59 at
Sun Feb 28 18:07:53 CST 2010

On 28 Feb 2010, at 22:59, andre kesteloot wrote:

> Philip Miller Tate wrote:
>> No, it means that one or both of them has a processor running at a  
>> significant fraction of the velocity of light. And a USB tachyon  
>> drive.
>> Phil M1GWZ
> Phil,
> Thanks , you were correct
> We proved it with this experiment"we exchanged computers, going  
> through the Virginia / Maryland border at the same time, and  
> looking in the rear view mirror, we both saw our rear lights slowly  
> turning from red to blue.
> André

Great, now you can (a) live longer and (b) bet confidently on horse  
races that are just about to start.

Phil M1GWZ

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