Charleston Receiver Group Build #2

fgentges at fgentges at
Mon Mar 1 18:13:37 CST 2010

I am putting together a list of people that want to build Charleston 
receivers for themselves.  The cost for each receiver will be about 
$100.  In addition, you will need a Digilent Nexsys II board.  Digilent 
has agreed to sell AMRAD the boards at the student price of $99 each.

We will take a Saturday and build receivers as a group so no person has 
to deal with the surface mount parts by themselves.

I am looking for any more people wanting to be included in the group build.

In addition, I need email addresses for some of the people already on 
our list.  They are:

Steve, N4SB

Steve, N3KO and

Dale, NV8U.

Please contact me so I can build a master email to everyone participating.

Frank K0BRA

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