Signal Hound Spectrum Analyzer

andre kesteloot andre.kesteloot at
Mon Mar 8 18:35:27 CST 2010

fgentges at wrote:
> tacoistas,
> Some of your will recall that nice o'scope I got on eBay that works 
> through a USB cable to a computer like a notebook.  The scope is small 
> enough to just add it to the notebook case much as you would a dvm.
> Now comes the Signal Hound.  It is a spectrum analyzer that has some 
> interesting capabilities including some limited amount of 
> demodulation.  This box is about the same size as the o'scope and can 
> also be added to the notebook case.
> As a group, this gear could be a great package to take out for a field 
> service kit.
Field service?
does that still exist?
I remember now, we used to do that when I was young(er)  :-)
Or do we now throw things away and plug in  new modules until the thing 
works again ?
André N4ICK

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