Why study?

Brian Hawes hawes at herald.ox.ac.uk
Fri Mar 12 14:41:34 CST 2010

I think I see the makings of something good here.
Our (U.K.) Universities complain of severe underfunding, and that is certain to get worse in the near future. 
Our press and other media keep telling us that exams are getting too easy and that (some) Universities are handing out Mickey Mouse degrees.
Solution: the Universities should simply print Degrees and sell them on the open market for a suitably high price. Oxford University, for example could cut out all that costly teaching and research and concentrate it's efforts on one of it's most profitable sectors - the Oxford University Press. 
It would also help our Government with it's apparent aim to make it unacceptable to discriminate on grounds of ability.


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<sigh> Why indeed? My University employer (Kingston University, UK)
was recently shocked when a journalism student acquired a replica
degree certificate for £200. It wasn't a very good replica, but would
be good enough to fool an employer.

Notice they sell some of their more dubious wares with the word
"Novelty" as in "not intended to be used unlawfully by the
purchaser". But their claims to supply fake passports etc. have got
to ring some alarms bells, surely?

Phil M1GWZ

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