latest QST... - probably an April 1st article, but amusing anyway

Mike O'Dell mo at
Sat Mar 13 10:26:03 CST 2010

one of the "Strays" (or that's what they used to be called)
was about a guy putting down radials for a new vertical.
he spilled some altoids and discovered some critters that
came up to grab the altoids and go back below. he claimed that he
stuck wires to altoids and put them down by the holes,
and when the critters came to get the altoids, they pulled
the wires into the holes with them. he said it didn't do
all of them, but avoiding digging for even 1/3rd of the
radials was a win.

again, methinks this is a good April 1st con.


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If it was easy, we'd be buying it from somebody else!"

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