head-up displays for your car ?

andre kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Thu Mar 18 19:38:08 CDT 2010

wb4jfi wrote:
> While not as good, our 1989 (I believe) Olds Cutlass Supreme had a 
> heads-up display that showed stuff like the speed, turn signal 
> indicators, and other stuff.  I seem to recall that some Corvettes 
> have also had HUD technology.  I missed the HUD when we got rid of 
> that car, I kept looking for the speedometer.
> Next thing is that the HUD will have an Internet browser built-in.... 
> oops officer, I was just trying to reboot Windows on my HUD and didn't 
> see that Nun, or the schoolchildren that she was shepherding across 
> the parking lot.  I'm glad that her helper-dog is OK, however.  Can 
> you still drive your cruiser?  Who could believe all that damage from 
> my tiny little Prius with Windows 7?  It was NOT my idea!
the perfect story to be told the judge in a few years ...

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