A replacement for the 807?

Richard Barth rbarth at tidalwave.net
Thu Mar 18 19:59:46 CDT 2010

The missing pix:

Several people (including me) got copies of my email on this subject 
with no photos.

The two photos that didn't make it showed a bottle of Australian wine 
I picked up at the local wine
and beer shop.  The front label shows, in large dots and dashes, the 
word "Chardonnay" in Morse code.
Underneath is the same thing in text.  The second photo, of the rear 
label, explains that it is a tribute to the Australian 
"Telegraphists" of the "Morse codian fraternity" whose dedication 
provided communications and saved lives in early Australia.

atanasoff.ampr.org, the AMRAD.ORG server, doesn't pass attachments, 
so I didn't even try that. Instead, I included the photos in the body 
of the email.

Comcast doesn't talk to the AMRAD server. Stuff I send from Comcast 
to Tacos generally sits in limbo for several days before I get a note 
back saying it wasn't delivered. Sometimes it just disappears altogether.

So this time I sent two copies, one from Comcast and another from 
another account I have on Tidalwave.

The one I sent from Comcast went through fine, except to Tacos. I 
received a bcc copy I had sent myself and also got comments regarding 
copies I had sent to other people. Nothing heard from atanasoff.

The copy I sent to Tacos from Tidalwave got the photos stripped out 
of the copy I received, after I
first got a note saying it was being held for release by the 
moderator.  Apparently it was released,
but with no content.

Anybody else who would like a copy direct, email me.


>Richard Barth *** W3HWN(at)ARRL.NET *** Silver Spring, MD

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