Geiger kit and tubes at electronic goldmine

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Fri Apr 2 14:17:00 CDT 2010

I'm more concerned about Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse. If you have only one or two weapons, a high altitude burst is much better value. Better to disable most of Europe's electronic infrastructure than destroy one City.
It  would, of course, get the offender turned, as one of you guys put it, 'into a sheet of glass' but does deterrence work on these smaller nations?

I do keep a Scintillation Counter here but that's mostly to show people that sitting next to a WWII cockpit instrument was a risky business.

Brian G2KQ

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I got this and think the current world situation may very well dictate
that tech people like us should have a good radiation detector just in
case some dictator goes off the deep end.  This stuff may get very
scarce if too many people want it.

Frank K0BRA

On 4/1/2010 8:42 PM, Terry Fox wrote:
> For all you guys interested. Electronics Goldmine has two Geiger
> counters, and several Mueller detector tubes on sale until April 14.
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