Geiger kit and tubes at electronic goldmine

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Fri Apr 2 20:02:14 CDT 2010

BTW if someone wants to get a dosimeter I can bring my charger to Tippy's some time.  It is neat to have the bright yellow item as a desk ornament.  


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> On Apr 2, 2010, at 11:48 AM, Frank Gentges wrote:
>> Terry,
>> I got this and think the current world situation may very well dictate that tech people like us should have a good radiation detector just in case some dictator goes off the deep end.  This stuff may get very scarce if too many people want it.
> I was looking at the dosimeter and charger set they offer.  Not necessarily for functionality - though it would be neat if it worked.  I just like the cold war collectability and the 'CD' logos.
> Joe, N6DGY

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