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> I would agree for normal reading.  However, while playing with FPGAs, or working on software, I like to have several reference books available.  If I'm on travel that adds up to an additional heavy bag.  I've started trying to find pdfs of most of the reference books that I like to regularly use, and have already paid for.  Having them in a separate, thin, lightweight reader would be an advantage.

I might agree with this if I had dual monitors to work with, having the book displayed on one monitor and my work in progress on the second.  I don't like to minimize or switch screens, especially when I have to reference a snippet of code or look up the syntax for a mnemonic.  I've recently started an online PIC microcontroller class, and have found myself printing not only the 16F877A datasheet, but also the various PDFs the instructor has supplied as part of the class.  (FedEx / Kinkos has been a godsend for printing and binding 300 page datasheets!)

> My big concern right now is that we are in a multi-pronged Betamax vs VHS war.  With Kindle, Sony, and others already in the market, having Apple add their proprietary format is too much.  I want to see the dust settle and hopefully a winner (or at most, two) come out of this first.  Meanwhile, I will find PDFs that I can view on my laptop.
> Terry

One really can't cozy up with a laptop in a soft chair nor in bed.  I can't see myself "utilizing the facilities", if you will, with a computer in hand as one might do with a magazine.

PDFs can be copy protected, as well as requiring a password to access.  Too bad the e-book publishers don't take advantage of this more universal format.

Also, one potential with the Kindle - there was some book that Amazon lost the permission to distribute.  Don't assume that once you download your book it belongs to you.  Whatever this title was suddenly disappeared from all the users' Kindles.  I guess the device needs to "phone home" to be sure you still have permission to read what you downloaded. 

Joe, N6DGY

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