IMPORTANT - AMRAD Meeting April 8

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Wed Apr 7 10:47:04 CDT 2010

Thursday, April 8, 7:30 PM Dennis Sweeny, WA4LPR will present Tales from 
the lab, "The Science and Practice of Phase Noise Measurement." He will 
talk about measuring phase noise using a Tek 494 spectrum analyzer 
through the GPIB port as well as the spectrum analyzer-based system.

This month's AMRAD meeting is being held at the Fairfax County Main 
Library,10360 North Street in Fairfax.  Entrance to the Library after 
hours is tricky as we cannot use any of the street entrances.  Entrance 
to the Library after hours is only available from Level G2 in the 
parking garage under the building.

Access to Parking us either from Old Lee Highway or University Drive. A 
.jpg image is attached showing where the entrances are located and I 
suspect entry is best from University Dr.

When entering from University Drive, you will be entering Parking Level 
G1.  If you take an immediate left turn when you go into the G1 parking 
level you will find a ramp that will take you up to Parking Level G2.

Entry from Old Lee Highway is a ramp down the side of the Library 
Building that takes you to Parking Level G2.

The after hours entrance into the Library is via the staircase next to 
the elevator.  There is a chance that the Elevator will be operating but 
no guarantees at this moment.

The restrooms will be left open for our use and we ARE NOT allowed to 
open any of the street entrances on the Main Level.

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